Mian Asim Shafiq

We are highly confident in our innovation and quality. Our aim is to provide the absolute best calibre of products there is to offer in this industry.

About Us

Being Manufacturer, Exporter of Dental & Surgical Instruments and having progressive work history, we are currently seeking to expand our distributor network for the supply of our medical Instruments. AAAZ, have successfully cultivated long term business Relationships with our distributors due to our mutual passion for high quality Products and outstanding customer service. Whilst we continue to grow in our existing markets, we believe that there is significant opportunity to expand with like-minded organizations and would like to invite you to join us as a trusted partner.

Our Vision

To Dedicate Ourselves to Produce Qualitative Developed Products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price while fostering a climate where environmental technologies can thrive. All employees will work together in combining their efforts and skills to ensure our mission and goals are fulfilled in a courteous manner along with client oriented satisfaction.

Director of International Logistics

Mr Atif Shafiq

We are proud to successfully cater to the international community with our top quality products while our brand successfully established itself across the globe.

Director of UK and Germany operations

Mr Ali Shafiq

Our UK and Germany hub is at the heart of our organisation, excellently managing daily import and export operations along with taking care of all customer interactions. Our highly satisfied customer base can vouch for our exceptional customer service.

Director of Manufacturing and Exports

Mr Zohaib Shafiq

We are proud to only source top grade products for all our manufacturing operations. We excel at what we do and aim to achieve even better at every step.