Diagnostic Dental Instruments Suppliers And Manufacturer

Dental diagnostic instruments are the elementary part of every dental clinic. Dentists around the world use advanced digital imaging and other tools today along with the traditional diagnostic dental instruments to examine and investigate dental problems. Various tools are used for dental diagnostics, including mouth mirrors, explorers, cotton forceps, periodontal probes, ultrasonic scalers, extracting forceps, dental elevator, air-water syringe, saliva ejectors etc. These instruments are used only by dentists and trained personnel in hospitals, dentists’ clinics, and emergency rooms.

AAAZ Instruments manufactures dental instruments of all major types and is an experienced diagnostic dental instruments supplier based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We use high-tech advanced CNC machines to manufacture our devices with greater precision and technology. Our dental instruments are made with surgical-grade stainless steel and are highly effective in providing dentists with accurate and supportive diagnostic tools. They support the probe and diagnosis of dental problems and are autoclavable and hygienic to use. We offer to manufacture and supply services to clients nationally and internationally. Our dental equipment tools and instruments can be used in hospitals, clinics, ERs and dental facilities by trained staff and dentists.

Dental Dressing Pliers

Dressing Pliers are used to grasp or transfer materials I and out of the oral cavity. All dressing pliers are made of heavy-gauge, heat-treated stainless steel to prevent tip bending and misalignment. Stainless steel made. [View Catalogue]

Dental Instruments Handle Options

Dental Instruments Handle are used for caries and calculus detection, exploration of pocket characteristics, furcation and restorations. [View Catalogue]

Dental Mirrors

Dental Mirrors are used for Indirect vision, retraction of tips, cheeks and tongue and illumination for dark areas.[View Catalogue]

Double End Explorers

A Double End Dental Explorer is an instrument in dentistry commonly used in the dental armamentarium. Use for caries and calculus detection, exploration of pocket characteristics, furcation and restorations. [View Catalogue]


What is an Ex-Probe?Ex-Probe is an excellent combination instrument for dental diagnostics. It has an explorer tip on one end and a probe tip on the other.[View Catalogue]

Single End Color Probes

The calibrated periodontal probe is an instruments of assessment. It has a rod-shaped working end that is marked in millimeter units. The calibrated probe is actually similar to the ruler. It is used to...1. determine the consistency of the gingival tissue. 2. Survey sulcus and pockets depths. 3. Measure clinical attachment levels 4. Measure the width of attached gingival. 5. Verify whether bleeding and/or purulent exudate is in presence.These probes are made of spring stainless steel[View Catalogue]

Single End Explorers

The Dental Explorer provides the tactile information to the clinicians fingers and is used to locate calculus deposits, tooth surface irregularities, defective margins on restorations, decalcified areas and carious lesions. For the quality assurance, we use the Germany made material. Moreover, explores are available in a variety of design types.[View Catalogue]