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Implantology or dental implant is the field of dentistry that deals with implanting a prosthesis that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull. The dental prosthesis can be in the form of a crown, bridge, denture or facial prosthesis. The prosthetic can be removable or fixed. The procedure is done in parts, and the success of the procedure requires highly qualififed dentists and dental surgeons. A variety of tools are used for denal implants, including surgical blades, surgical blade holder, a periosteal elevator, tissue forceps, incision reinforcement tool — i.e., Orban knife or Merrifield’s knife — needle holder, scissors, hemostat, Monoject syringe (irrigation), sutures, cups, basins etc.

AAAZ Instruments is a wholesale implantology kit manufacturer. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing, we have a wide selection of dental and surgical tools in our product line that are commonly used in various surgical procedures. Our dental implant equipment is manufactured with the same precision and perfection needed to produce such advanced equipment. We use surgical-grade stainless steel and computer-controlled CNC machines that help us manufacture tools and instruments with intricate details and precision. We offer competitive prices for our wholesale clients and accept orders of any scale. For complete product information, please order our catalogue.

Bone Scoops – Bone Pluggers

Bone Plugger: Used to plug and condense grafted bone. Bone Scoops: Hand instrument similar to a bone chisel but having a hollowed-out blade similar to Coupland Chisels. [View Catalogue]

Bone Spreading Kit

Concave Osteotome : Its is used for socket left in case sinus left is needed when implant surgery in upper posterior. After bone expanding with convax osteotomies, this instrument can remained bone which has thickness 1 ~ 2 into sinus. [View Catalogue]

Implant Chisels

Hand instrument used to remove hard tissues such as enamel or bone by chipping, cleaving or paring. The beveled blade may be in line with the handle or at in angle to it. [View Catalogue]

Implant Periosteal

Hand instrument, usually double ended, used to separate the periosteum from the underling bone. [View Catalogue]

Osteotomies Chisels

Osteotome Chisels: Surgical instruments used to cut or divide bone. [View Catalogue]
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Professional Barbers Hair Cutting &Thinning Scissors Set with Case

Professional Barbers Hair Cutting  This hairdressing scissors set is most suitable for cutting and styling your hair at home or saloon. Excellent sharp cutting shears for beginners, hairdressers and barbers. Suitable for slicing, styling and trimming. This scissors set is made of premium quality stainless beautiful crafted for the optimum results. Specifications Size 6” & … Continue reading Professional Barbers Hair Cutting &Thinning Scissors Set with Case

Rongeurs – Calipers

RONGEURS: Double action hinged design exerts more cutting action with each hand compression for quicker, easier bone contouring.CALIPERS: Used to measure bone or other oral structures. [View Catalogue]

Sinus Lift Instruments

Sinus Lift Instruments are designed to separate the sinus lining from the bone without fraying or tearing. [View Catalogue]

Sinus Retractors

The sinus retractor is suitable for retraction in the anterior region. The shape of the instrument end prevents the instrument from sliding into the sinus window and the anatomical handle ensures the assistant needs only moderate retraction force. [View Catalogue]

Tissue Punches

Martensite stainless steel tissue punches. [View Catalogue]