Dental Orthodontic Instruments Manufacturer

Many orthodontic instruments are exclusively used for orthodontic treatments only. Dentists use these instruments to perform orthodontic treatment for their patients in their private clinics, dentistry facilities, hospitals, and emergency rooms. These are a collection of instruments with special features and designs to effectively provide dentists with the appropriate direction and angle to perform orthodontic procedures. Common Orthodontic instruments list includes Mirror, Straight Probe, Cotton Pliers, Howe Utility Pliers, Wire Cutter/Pin and Ligature Cutter, Distal End Cutters, Mathieu Plier, Bird Beak or 139 Plier, Separating Pliers, Band Pusher, Bite Stick, Band Burnisher, Posterior Band Remover, Bracket Holder or Bracket Tweezer, etc. The complete Orthodontic equipment set and individual white labeled orthodontic instruments are available at AAAZ Instruments.

AAAZ manufactures orthodontic equipment covering all the major and commonly used orthodontic instruments. We can also manufacture other seldom-used devices in -orthodontics upon request. Our tools and instruments are made with high-precision CNC technology, hand-assembled and quality-checked to ensure the perfection and precision of every tool. Our wide range of dentistry tools is made from high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel and is sterilizable, noncorrosive, and durable.

Utility & Wire Forming Pliers

Utility & Wire Forming Pliers are used For bending wire during orthodontic procedures.[View Catalogue]

Utility Pliers

For cutting or Bending wire during orthodontic procedures.Band Remover: A special plier that is used to remove orthodontic bands from teeth.Bracket Remover: For use in the removal of the bracket from the tooth.Band Seater: For use in placement of the band around the tooth. [View Catalogue]

Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter are used For cutting wire during orthodontic procedures.[View Catalogue]

Wire Forming Pliers

Wire Forming Pliers are used for bending wire during orthodontic procedures. [View Catalogue]