Alum Pencil & Alum Block

Bringing safety to everyday shaving

Alum is a natural mineral that has antibacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used after the shave t soothe the skin, reduce bleeding or prevent the spread of bacteria in case of a cut or bruise while shaving. Alum is among the shaving accessories that are not very expensive but are essential for a safe shaving experience. They are meant for minor cuts and nicks only. They can be used as a natural deodorant and reduce acne as it helps minimize pimples and blemishes. One may experience a slight tingling, stinging, or burning sensation after using alum block or alum pencil.

AAAZ offers a wide variety of shaving tools and accessories, including alum blocks and styptic pencils made of alum. Our alum pencils and blocks are made of pure alum salt and are shaped in a useful block or pencil shape that provides easy application. We accept alum block wholesale orders and provide high-quality pure alum properly shaped and preserved in customized packaging. We are the wholesale alum blocks manufacturers based in Sialkot, Pakistan and our alum blocks can be ordered on any scale locally and internationally, and we promise to offer efficient and quality service to our clients. Our shipment processes preserve the integrity and purity of the alum during shipment.

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