Applicators and Probes

Vast Range of Surgical Probes and Surgical Applicators

Applicators and probes are used for exploring and inspecting different parts of the body. In surgery, applicators and probes have an elementary role as they are used to hold, grasp, explore the area, inspect and apply medicine when and as needed. Various types of surgical applicators and probes are used for specialized purposes by surgeons and dentists. AAAZ Instruments offers a wide variety of surgical probes and surgical instruments. Our extensive range encompasses all the standard and specialized probes and applicators for different surgical procedures.

We have the largest in-house CNC workshop that helps us design and manufacture surgical probes and surgical applicators with the highest degree of precision and accuracy. Our instruments are checked for quality and delivered with utmost care to preserve their integrity. We have provided surgical instruments to clients locally and internationally for two decades. We know the challenges of manufacturing surgical instruments in Pakistan and how to overcome them successfully. Following are the types of surgical applicators and probes we manufacture in different sizes and dimensions. For custom orders and OEM services, please get in touch with us.

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