Hemostatic Forceps

Trusted Haemostatic Forceps Manufacturers in Pakistan

Hemostatic forceps are mostly used for clamping soft tissues, blood vessels and holding small sutures and other delicate parts of human anatomy during surgical procedures. The two major parts of a forceps are its jaw, and a locking mechanism called a ratchet. The main purpose of haemostatic forceps is to stop bleeding and perform cauterization or ligation. Haemostatic forceps come in different sizes and shapes. Ring forceps have a hinged end that helps grasp tissues, hold firmly, or exert traction. Ring forceps are usually preferred by surgeons over thumb forceps during complex surgeries. The jaws of the forceps come in straight, curved and right-angle shapes.

Haemostatic forceps are among the widely used instrument in medical centers and hospitals. Surgical instruments are sterilized after every use; therefore, they must be rust-resistant and durable. AAAZ Instruments are the haemostatic forceps manufacturers who prefer quality over everything else. Our forceps are manufactured in high-tech manufacturing plants that help us achieve the degree of precision and usability in our instruments needed to perform surgeries and procedures smoothly. All our tools are sterilize-able and remain in their best shape for years without needing special maintenance. AAAZ sources the best quality stainless steel for manufacturing and ensures impeccable finish through stringent quality assurance procedures.

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