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Neurosurgery is one of the most sensitive fields of medical science that needs highly skilled surgeons and advanced tools. It involves examining, investigating, and treating the nervous system, including the brain, peripheral nerves, the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system, and the spine.
AAAZ’s neurosurgery instruments are manufactured techno scientifically to ensure their usability and performance.

Our instruments can be used to perform major and minor brain surgeries and procedures like Neuro-oncology procedures to treat tumors, Cerebrovascular treatments to treat strokes, aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations (AVM), epilepsy procedures and the treatments of nerve compressions etc.

The elementary tools for neurosurgery include Traditional and bipolar forceps, Clamps, curettes, dissectors, Drill bits and impactors, retractors, scissors, spatulas etc. We offer a wide range of tools and instruments used in neurosurgery. Our tools are manufactured using our in-house CNC machinery to eliminate any possibility of errors and malfunction.

We source pure-grade stainless steel for manufacturing, so the steel-like durability and hygienic standards are reflected in all our products. Our products are quality assured and at par with the international standards for surgery instruments.

We offer competitive costs and efficient OEM services to all our clients. Please contact us to discuss customized orders and request our neurosurgery instruments catalogue.

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